Global competence

Expert advice on international tax law

It’s easy for a company to send staff across borders. But what happens then?

Reinhard Häckl has 35 years of experience supporting companies that expand abroad. He personally knows his colleagues across the globe, whether in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sydney or London. Wherever you do business, Mr. Häckl can provide the right contact person to help you set up a tax structure for your company.

The following fields are covered:

  • Value added tax
  • Opening of branch offices or subsidiaries abroad | Inbound | Outbound
  • Founding of branch offices as partnerships or corporations | Inbound | Outbound
  • Direct or indirect participation
  • Staff deployment
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Function relocation
  • IFRS reporting

leistungen-ik-inpact-logoProtect yourself against any unpleasant surprises such as legal actions and claims that you might face unexpectedly many years later.

Benefit from Mr. Häckl’s 35 years of experience.

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