Häckl Foundation

Helping and fostering

We donate up to 1% of our annual net income to the foundation Helfen und Fördern (Helping and Fostering) to support local people in need.

The foundation also aims to encourage youths to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset.

An annual report on our website documents donations and projects.

Help us to help others – both by working with us and by donating funds to projects you wish to foster.

Consult with us on how best to set up a foundation and how to make sure your donations help fulfill the purpose you intended.

Reinhard Häckl has been a member of a foundation advisory board for many years and knows all relevant regulations in detail. You can trust and depend on him to properly manage your funds.

In addition, Mr. Häckl takes part in the foundation meetings of Munich’s Reuschel Bank, where he obtains firsthand information to pass along to his clients.