Cooperation Partners

Yvonne Heinke | Tax Consultant

As a highly qualified tax consultant and accountant, Yvonne Heinke has specialized in tax matters related to international staff assignments. In particular, HR departments of medium-sized companies are among her clients. Ms. Heinke has advised clients since 2003 -- not only at her own firm but at her clients' businesses as well.

In addition, Ms. Heinke holds regular training sessions for tax consultants and their staff. She also holds seminars and workshops to instruct HR generalists and payroll staff on international fiscal law.


1987–1994: Senior nontechnical civil service in the finance departments of the German cities of Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck

1995–2000: Tax consultant exam and tax adviser in an international corporate group

2000–2005: Tax consultant at Ernst & Young, Munich

Since 2006: Her own firm, Steuerrecht Heinke, specializing in tax issues related to international staff assignments


Phone: +49 (0)8705 389 724

Nicola Bernard | International trade consultant

Office of foreign trade

As an independent transport administrator, Nicola Bernard has been consulting in the field of import and export logistics for more than 15 years. Based on her experience in international freight forwarding and general trade, she offers her expertise to clients who seek advice in foreign trade matters.

Ms. Bernard personally guides clients from the initial steps through the execution and completion of their projects.

Her strengths include ensuring legal certainty, optimizing transparency and freight transportation, and guaranteeing payment in international trade.

Her office of foreign trade has been AEO-F certified since 2009.

Ms. Bernard also teaches the basics of foreign trade and beyond to aspiring export managers at the IHK Akademie Schwaben.